Friday, January 23, 2015

Here is an interesting article for preparing for a snow storm. By article

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Help hint for icy steps.

Heres a tip to help keep your steps clear of ice.
If this freezing rain has your steps, porch and sidewalk icy, this homemade ice melt will work great using items you probably already have.
1. One quart lukewarm water.
2. 3 drops dish washing detergent
3. 1 ounce rubbing alcohol
Mix all 3 ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle. Coat icy surfaces with this mixture and the ice will quickly be gone. If you don't have a spray bottle, the ingredients can be poured on the ice.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring is in the air.

With spring already in full swing, it's important to maintain your homes air filter. Depending on the air filter you currently have, they should be checked and changed as required by the manufactures.

Getting ready for the air conditioning season:
1- Make sure the circuit breaker is turned on.
2- Make sure the winter cover is off the outside unit (if applicable)
3- Make sure any debris are away from the outdoor a/c unit.
4- Make sure all vents are open, both the supply and the returns.
5- Make sure the air filter is clean.
6- Make sure the condensation lines are clean.
7- Make sure the condensate pump is plugged in. (if applicable)

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Monday, March 18, 2013

In Doylestown, March Comes in like a Lion and Goes out like a…Lion?

Friends in the Doylestown area: you've probably noticed that it's taking longer than usual to hear tell of this "lamb" that March is supposed to turn into. We've had a few warm days here and there, but more than halfway through the month, temps are still hovering in the 30's and 40's. This time last year, we were already seeing 50's and 60's for days on end.

Not to mention, there will be moisture.

There have been quite a few storm systems making their way through the northeast, so any warmth we feel for the time being most likely won't be permanent. Don't worry, warm weather lovers, patience is a virtue and the thermometers will be rising soon. For now, though, revel in the few interspersed days that allow you to go without heat AND A/C to save you money and get the fresh air flowing before allergy season flares up. These money saving days are what make the early spring season one of our favorites.

And you know what they say: when life gives you lemons, take the opportunity to make sure your HVAC unit is up-to-date! Warmer weather is closing in and before you know it, you'll be switching the thermostat from 'heat' to 'cool.' It's during these transition periods that it's most important to call your local Doylestown heating and cooling expert to perform some routine maintenance and to make sure your unit is performing at its maximum potential. That is, after all, the best way to make sure the unit is efficient (read: cheaper) and safer for the season to come.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Refresh Your Home to Sell after Winter

Spring is the time of the year that most sellers put their homes on the market, because it's the season where most people are looking to buy. After all, nobody wants to move in the winter – especially not here in PA, where the winter has been brutal and the snow has yet to let up, even mid-March. But after you haven't had any fresh air circulating in your home for the past few months, how can you get the house in its best condition for showing off? Here are a few tips…

Do a Mini Bathroom Makeover. Not all of us have the money to remodel before selling a home, but you can sort of take the express lane to make a dated bathroom look refreshed in a few easy steps. Paint over tiles with a neutral paint, recaulk the tub, and/or re-grout where appropriate – it makes a really big difference. Also, polish or replace the faucets, as they can make the whole space look cleaner and more modern.

Freshen Up. Buyers often go off their immediate impression of a house – as in, "the first ten seconds of entering" immediate. A few things that you can do to give it a sense of warmth right off the bat? Let in natural light, burn a few candles, shampoo the carpets, and hang a wreath on the door. And, of course, make sure there's no clutter. These are the things that can get forgotten over the winter, but make an immediate difference.

Get Everything Working. The one area you might want to spend a few dollars is in routine maintenance. Have a plumber fix that small leak you've been letting go, and get a Feasterville heating and cooling company to perform some yearly maintenance on your HVAC unit. Make sure that one burner on the stove comes back on and that sort of thing to prove that your home is well-maintained.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What February has in Store for Bucks County

Feel that warmth? Especially in Bucks where the weather can get rough throughout the winter seasons, it's always a relief to feel the thermometer rise after Groundhog's Day, making it feel like spring really is coming sooner rather than later. And after all the recent snowfall, it seems as though it couldn't come cool enough. Don't get too excited, though – while February shouldn't be brutal, it does have some typical Northeast weather in store for us.

If you're in the Northeast you're probably well aware of the storm, Nemo, that hit the area. Some more northern areas, like the northern tip and coast of Jersey, got upwards of ten inches of snow. Luckily, though, Bucks County was a near miss, receiving only a few inches of snow instead of what could have been much worse.

Is this indicative of what lies ahead? Luckily, the temperatures are expected to rise at least some. Precipitation will continue – perhaps to the dismay of Bucks County heating companies - but for the rest of the week, Bucks will see rain instead of snow. 

The rest of the month should be fairly February-standard. There is likely to be heavy rainfall and a few storms in the Northwest, which will probably lead to some snow. It's also anticipated that, despite the recent warmth and mid-40 degree temperatures, another cold front will make its way through the Northeast. You may have been giving your heater a break recently, but don't get too comfortable – colder air is sure to return.